Wrinkling is a pain, especially if you are traveling or in a rush.  In the early to mid 90’s, wrinkle free fabrics became popular, and now you can find a lot of wrinkle free casual plus size clothing.  How do designers manage to save their garments from the curse of wrinkles?  And why should you add some wrinkle free styles to your wardrobe?

Some manufacturers use finishing agents on their clothing to prevent wrinkles.  Others use fabric blends, combining cotton with synthetic materials to keep clothes looking great and wrinkle free.

Here are a list of some good choices:  it is best to find a blend that has 10% or more spandex or lycra.  These threads help at reducing wrinkles and maintain the integrity of the fabric.

1. 10% lycra and 90% cotton jersey

2. 15% spandex and 85% rayon jersey

3. 10% lycra and 90% silk

4.  10% spandex, 40% viscose and 45% cotton

5. 100% cotton paris

6. fabrics with tightly woven threads  tend to hold better because the sewing needle does not break the fabric

Here is a list of some fabrics that are a bit less wrinkle free.  These fabrics are still wonderful but you might have to let them hang dry or iron or take to the cleaners for pressing.  Do not shy away from them because of their maintain.  These fabrics do not cling and flow over the body nicely.

1. 100% viscose

2. 100% rayon

3. 100% cotton

4. 100% cotton slub

5. Second quality rayon you should never purchase

6. rayon jersey without a blend will not hold up in the washing machine.  Stay away from this fabric.

Of course, there is so substitution for ironing.  Even a wrinkle free garment may have minor wrinkles after a wash.  But, when you are traveling and don’t have time to iron, these are by far your best option.

So, before you head out on vacation, do some shopping for wrinkle-free casual plus size clothing.  It will save you time and stress while you’re traveling and keep you looking great.