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New Arrivals: Women’s Plus Size Tops

Just In, New Arrivals, What’s New and Hey, look at me I am here!  I love shopping or at least browsing the internet for women’s clothes, accessories, shoes and handbags.  I usually start at products that are New or have “Just Arrived”.  I especially do this when I am a frequent browser on a specific clothing store for big sizes.  This is a great way to discover new trends (not to say I follow trends but its always an eye-opener for me what other women are purchasing).  It is also a location to discover fabrics and basic styles.  Most clothing designers tend to use their classic pattern and adjust it.  The alteration can be at the neckline, sleeve or the body of the blouse.  I love to see their current ideas and of course will I like it (and will it fit!)

New Arrivals will be priced at full cost.  Usually, new clothes will be limited in sizes and their quantities.  Sometimes I buy a full retail price, especially if I really LOVE it and got to have it.  But like most women, I love a sale and discount.  I have found if I sign up for the online store’s Newsletter you can get a coupon at sign-up.  Sometimes their coupon is sent to you right away or it will come in their weekly or monthly eNews.  Here is a sign-up eNews site that you will get a coupon code about 48 hours after you sign up.  In fact,  they tend to send discounts up to 15% off any garments, which includes New Arrivals.

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When you go to Fashion Fulfillment’s Newsletter you have to choose. You have the choice of either Generous Fashions for Comfort in Fashion.  I find that Generous Fashions have more sales throughout the month, so I have signed up with them.  However, I have bookmarked Comfort in Fashion so I can go to the site whenever I have time.

Are there any women’s online clothing stores for big sizes that have New Items that you like?  Let me know.  I love to file a great find!

Is Black your color? – when, where, why

You may have heard announcements at different times by the fashion industry in women’s plus size clothing that red or pink or blue is the new black however the old black is still very much with us. It’s simple and practical for casual clothing and is always elegant at a party.

Black has always been connected with glamour. It works at most occasions and goes with most skin tones and hair colors. There is a school of thought that says that black is “draining”, particularly as you get older. This common belief might explain why older women frequently wear pastels and if they wear black, they accessorize it with a casual colorful scarf at the neck. Maybe it’s because black doesn’t reflect light and lacks some illuminating property that other colors have.  It’s more about if you choose a dramatic look or a soft one, not whether you look drained or not.

Is black the boring option in plus size women’s clothing?  Designers don’t think so – black is the dominant color in most collections both in winter and summer.  There are twice as many black pieces than blue and five or six times more than brown or grey. Black has long been thought of as slimming, especially in big size fashion, but actually black makes clothing draw back and isolates the face, so it emphasizes individuality.

Has black become the lazy translation for “stylish”?  Is it evading the entire concern of expressing oneself through what one chooses to wear?  Dressing in colors can be time-consuming and complicated —there are too many variables particularly with accessories.

Of course, as with all matters of plus size clothing, a lot depends on the individual, but bright pink, orange or electric blue can be far more draining to a fair complexion than the lowly, poor old black.

Plus Size Women’s Clothing Fabrics and Prints

I recently went shopping with some friends and was thrilled to find lots of clothing in my size. It wasn’t hard at all to put together a cute new outfit. But shopping got me thinking about all the different fabrics and prints designers use. Which are best for plus size clothing? Here are some basic tips.

The huge no-no for fabrics is anything obviously clingy. I want to show off my curves, but clingy clothes grab onto my problem places all too easily. Heavier fabrics like cotton and canvas are definitely a good option. As far as prints go, they need to be proportional; big prints are OK, but there is such a thing as too big too. Stripes can be work great, horizontal or vertical. But you need to know your body and choose styles that match; horizontal stripes are best on pear shaped women who want to draw attention to their top half.

I like having lots of options, and I don’t believe in limited my wardrobe to just a couple fabrics or prints. You should try out lots of different styles and find what looks and feels good for you. Thanks to the Internet, it’s really easy to shop for plus size clothing. Designers that work exclusively with plus size women’s clothing have done a great job creating comfortable and flattering outfits.

Fashion Week For Plus Size Women

With all the recent talk about how more humans are become overweight year after year, it might be a surprise to learn that plus size clothing has held a piece of the clothing market for almost 100 years. And still, it’s only 17 percent of the entire women’s clothing market. I was happy to hear that someone named Gwen DeVoe has founded “Full-Figured Fashion Week” in hopes of bringing our plight to light in the eyes of mass retailers. It seems like every time I watch a reality show these days, someone is at fashion week in New York. There are NO curves on those runways!

Plus Size Resort Wear

Here are some tips on what to buy/pack to keep you looking your best when it is hot and humid.

Rule 1: Shop online for natural fabrics. Select cooler clothing made from cotton, cotton-linen, cotton-rayon and silk. Clothes made from these fibers “breathe” better in humidity and tend to keep you cool. One of the great features about silk is it is tough and will dry quickly.

Rule 2: Buy clothing with longer, looser sleeves. Why? In addition to decreasing your body temperature, your skin is not exposed to the sun’s damaging rays. You do not want to increase your chances of skin cancer and invite age spots. In fact, clothing with longer sleeves may come in handy if you are traveling through cultures that require women’s arms to be covered.

Rule 3: If you are not going to spend the “heat of the day” in the air conditioning, then you should consider air circulation around your body. Many designers of plus size clothing offer online sun dresses from above the knee to the ankle. Packing plus size skirts have the same cooling results. Shop for caftans and tunics – these are excellent clothing choices for hot weather. You really don’t want to be wearing body tight pants, t-shirts, or women’s shorts!

Rule 4: Pack clothes that are versatile. You will spend more time on vacation and less hassle lugging heavy luggage stuffed with women’s clothes. You want to select clothes that you can mix and match so you can go from the “beach to the bar”. Now off you go! Hey don’t forget a wide brim hat!

Check out these online stores for Resort Wear. They offer plus sizes 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5X. Have a look at their Plus Size Cover Ups and Under Cover categories.

* – Women’s plus size clothing store for 1X to 5X. They offer beach covers, separates, and caftans for resort wear and summer.

* - They offer classic, comfy resort wear online for plus sizes 18 – 40. They offer sheer and opaque covers and clothing for layering effects.

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