I used to have a terrible time finding plus size clothing casual dresses that would look nice at a formal occasion without being too dressy or uncomfortable. It seems like a lot of designers focus on making a stylish dress and forget all about comfort. But fortunately there are still some great designers out there making plus size clothing for real women.

I recently came across exactly what I wanted, a simple black dress that is comfortable and dressy without being overly formal. It’s everything I want from middle age plus size clothing; the straps are wide enough to comfortably cover bra straps and it has a gorgeous heart shaped neckline. The little elastic band at the armholes makes this dress super comfortable.

I love my casual plus size clothing, but I want to have a nice dress for more formal occasions too. My new plus size dress is perfect. When you are shopping for women’s plus size clothing, make sure you find styles that are both casual and comfortable.