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Smart Plus Size Clothing for the Office

You always want to look your very best in office plus size clothing. But the sad reality is that some department stores and clothing boutiques seem to be stuck in the past. It can be hard to find smart, professional plus size clothing in sizes 18 and up. Even if you can find some outfits in your size at local stores, chances are the styles are not what you are looking for.

Thanks to online retailers and modern designers, however, it is now easier than ever before to find great professional outfits in plus sizes. Consider the following suggestions for putting together a gorgeous and impressive wardrobe for the office.

Plus Size Clothing

Stick to the Classics

Classic plus size clothing pieces look great in the office. They do not have to be trendy or particularly stunning; they get their great looks from simple colors and fashions that never go out of style. Neutrals look great, such as a white blouse under a grey business jacket with pants or a skirt. You can also use colors like black, navy, or brown. Do not be afraid to add a splash of color with a vibrant blouse or bright accessories in your favorite hue.

Office Plus Size Clothing

Stay Comfortable

You can look great in your office plus size clothing while still feeling cool and comfortable all day long. Tunic tops are a nice option since they are flattering to many body shapes but are not too tight or restricting to be comfortable. They look fantastic with skirts and dress slacks so you can mix and match them to create several different outfits.

Professional Plus Size Clothing

If you are having trouble creating the plus size clothing professional wardrobe you want, try shopping at some new online retailers to find unique fashions that fit your taste. That way you can make some lovely work ensembles that will impress co-workers, clients, and managers.

Adding Spring Color to Your Office Plus Size Clothing

Spring is officially here, with its bright, beautiful colors and warm, breezy weather.  There’s so much to love about this delightful season!  And part of it is the lighter, cooler, more colorful fashion options.  Even when you are working indoors during the sunny spring days, you can still bring a splash of spring color to your office plus size clothing.

Colorful Tops. You might want to keep to more conservative colors at the office, depending on the dress code and general setting of the workplace.  But even in a very professional setting, you can use colorful, yet dress, blouses and jackets to update your outfits for spring.  Try plus size tunics in light greens, subtle pinks, and calm blues.  Depending on the season you certainly can add some edgy colors.  For example some tasteful shades of reds and pinks during the Valentines Day’s celebration.  When July 4th arrives spark up your clothing colleciton with some red, white and blue.  You can add a chain three strand necklace with r-w-b or a sash or scarf.  Even more simple is a handbag.  You can twist red, white and blue ribbons for liberty.

Spring Accessories. Colorful accessories help you add the feel of Spring to your outfit in an understated, but still gorgeous, way.  Beaded necklaces and bracelets in bright colors look fantastic.  Or use a bright belt to break up darker colors in your office plus size clothing.  Usually, muted or understated colors are the best.  Some choices for color accents might be turquoise, paisley, coral, honey bee yellow and pastel pink.  Of course adding any gold jewelry to these color combinations will look amazing.

Do you have any great ideas for adding Spring color to your office wardrobe?  Any interesting online stores that offer a wonderful selection of inexpensive jewelry?  We love to here from our readers so like us know!

Accessorizing Your Office Plus Size Clothing

Professional attire does not have to be boring, bland, and plain.  With some simple touches, you can really dress up your office plus size clothing.  Of course, good taste is important when you are dressing for a professional environment.  But with some simple, classic accessories, you can always look fantastic around the office.

Simple chain bracelets are fabulous accessories.  They have it all: classic, simple, and stylish.  Another great choice is bangles.  Depending on your office dress code, you might be able to add some more colorful bracelets too.

Chain watches look fabulous with office plus size clothing.  A watch is the perfect classy touch to give you a professional look.  Coordinating a gold or silver watch with a chain necklace or bracelet looks both stylish and workplace appropriate.

Comfortable Office Plus Size Clothing Is Not an Oxymoron

I recently had someone tell me that finding comfortable office plus size clothing was nearly impossible. She figured she was just doomed to be uncomfortable in her work clothes. How awful! I’m all about finding professional outfits that are stylish, classy, and still comfortable enough to wear all day to work.

Every office has different dress codes, but there is always a way to find a comfortable outfit that is acceptable for you workplace. I find that button up blouses are my favorite thing to wear in the office. I can wear them open or closed, depending on the temperature and my outfit for the day. Plus they’re really easy to mix and match.

When I was told that it’s almost impossible to find professional outfits for plus size women, I guessed right away what that lady’s real problem is. She’s shopping in the wrong place. Local stores just don’t have the options that you can find from online retailers. So when you want mature plus size clothing for women that will look great at work, try looking at stores on the Internet. You’re sure to find some great outfits.

Plus Size Clothing Empowers Women

I love the idea of fashion as a tool for female empowerment. I think it definitely is, especially in the case of plus size women. We used to be held back by limited options, but now we can find just about any style we want. That lets us express ourselves freely and comfortably, something all women should be able to do.

Nowhere is this more important than in the professional world. Large women no longer have to wear just whatever they can find to work. Office plus size clothing in modern styles is available in local stores and from online retailers that really care about designing nice outfits for larger ladies. The old adage “dress for success” is a reality; having nice outfits gives plus size women a definite edge.

Regardless of whether you are looking for outfits for the office or just some casual plus size clothing to wear around the house, you have tons of great options. I love how easy it is to shop online right from my laptop. Ordering outfits online, having them delivered right to my door, and looking fantastic in plus size clothing… now that’s empowering!

Suits, Separates, and More Office Plus Size Clothing

Do you ever feel like you’ve gotten into a sort of fashion rut when it comes to what you wear to the office? I know I do, especially recently. So I’ve been thinking about what simple things I can do to give my office plus size clothing a mini makeover. The truth is that there are lots of options. You can mix up your style by using suits, separates, and other mature plus size clothing for women.

I have always felt very comfortable in pant suits, so I own several and wear them to work often. But I’ve also started using plus size separates and layering them. I recently bought a nice button up blouse with a simple but stylish print. It goes great with one of my favorite cardigans, so it’s perfect for layering during the winter. I’ve worn it with a few different pants and skirts, and I’ve gotten several complements from co-workers.

It’s not hard to add a nice new touch to your office plus size clothing. You can use mature plus size clothing for women, like button up blouses, sweaters, jackets, and more to create a varied professional wardrobe. You are sure to get noticed at the office with your stylish new outfits.

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