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Sizing it up after Thanksgiving

Black Friday.  Hmmmmm.  The day after Thanksgiving.  The time when most of us have eaten more than we expected.  So do we dare venture online to catch a sale, discount or coupon?  I am not sure about you but I think I expanded 3 sizes overnight!  So to do or not to do?  That is the question.

If you are like me, you love a sale no matter what size you feel at that moment.  Because my nephews, nieces and cousins are hanging around the house,  I am going to use nap time to not browse the internet but to go directly to  There is so much product there and the prices are super discounted.  Why not?  They have most of my brands.  The shipping is not bad and in fact in some cases the delivery is free.

So I am writing this after nap time which is 2 hours before dinner.  I did good!  Not so much damage.  I started out in the women’s plus size clothing category.  My mom and younger sister are a plus 2x.  My mom wanted a cardigan.  She said to buy any color as long as it fit around her hips.  Lucky for her I found a plum purple with flare hip line – meaning it is cut wider at the hip.  Then with Black Friday’s Sale I got a 35% off the listed price.  The final cost came to $29.99 from 69.99.  I got the style, color, quality and price that I was looking for.  I have to say it did take me a bit of time to find it, but then that is the fun of shopping online.

While I was searching for my mom I found some yoga headbands for my sister.  She has been slowly returning to the gym and has been working out with a private yoga instructor.  I found the perfect one that is 4″ wide comes in a 3 pack of forest green to lime.

Just minutes ago I heard the family talking and laughing so this is my exit to go enjoy everyone’s company since I won’t see them till next year.  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Who the Heck are You Cutting for?

What is it all about?  Fashion, I mean.  There are so many apparel online stores.

  • Lane Bryant
  • Woman Within
  • Roamans
  • Big on Batik
  • MIB
  • Simply Me
  • Generous Fashions
  • Comfort In Fashion

Who’s got it right?  What are all those size charts all about.  Ok, let me see if I can make an attempt here at women’s plus size clothing stuff.

First larger women come in many plus sizes:

  1. Apple
  2. Pear
  3. 8
  4. hourglass
  5. rectangle
  6. and just the right size

It it really possible to create women’s apparel patterns for all these shapes?  I think not.  A women who is a plus size hourglass with a waist is not going to choose a top, blouse and shirt made for an apple shape.  Women’s plus size online stores have to make a choice.  They need to decide which shape is their best selling fit or hold onto some stock.

At Comfort In Fashion they cut for apples and pears when it comes to tops.  Interesting their patterns for tunic jackets are amazingly versatile.  How did they do that?  When you review their clothing design you see that they created a hankie sweep line at the bottom.  So what?  Well, it means that it fits over the hips of the apple, pear, 8 and hourglass without hugging.  Therefore the design stays at the hip and not the front.  The front is a bit shorter.  Clever.

When you are selecting clothes for your wardrobe make sure you measure your hips.  Next read the online store’s size chart to see if your hips fit into their range.  Afterwards, find out their sizing for chest measurements.  It’s got to be the same for hourglass and apple shapes.  If not, move onto the next online clothing store.  Do not waste your time thinking your will find a cut that fits when the store you have high hops for is NOT cutting for your shape.

For me when I am really in love with a particular top, shirt, blouse or tunic I will call customer service for fit.  Why not?  Get the details!

Building your Women’s Plus Size Clothing Collection

When starting a clothing collection it is best to start simple and basic.  Yes, I know you have heard that before but it is true.  Basic and simple are the classic foundations for any plus size clothing collection.  What you will need is a simple black top, black tank, black shirt (button down with collar and a scoop or V neckline) and black pants.  Next the same in white:  plus size top, blouse, tank or cami, pant and skirt.  You want to select clothing that does not have any frills.  What I mean by this – no ruffles, no pleats, no unusual tucks or turns in the fabric.  You want a clean line.  I am not talking about a potato sack look or a box shape.  I would look for basic arm and body construction.  I recommend having several types of sleeve shirts: cap, short sleeve, elbow length, 3/4 sleeve and cuff length.  Including a selection of many sleeve lengths allows you to coordinate other clothes for different events.

When you have your basic clothing collection purchased in both black and white here is the next step:

  • try them on one by one
  • mix and match white tops with black bottoms
  • mix and match black tops with white bottoms
  • coordinate ALL black tops and bottoms
  • coordinate ALL white tops and bottoms
  • take photos of yourself wearing different combinations
  • take photos yourself with coordinating shoes
  • take photos of yourself matching earrings and necklaces

Taking pictures of yourself wearing the clothing with shoes and accessories will help you remember.  I know that many times I am in a hurry and my head is blocked as to what to where.  I use my pictures of myself to remind me of combinations I really liked.  This will be useful.  Do not hesitate!

When you have done ALL this, guess what?  It is time to add color to your plus size clothing collection.

Check out Generous Fashions and Comfort in Fashion for classic and basic women’s clothes.

Comfortable Office Plus Size Clothing Is Not an Oxymoron

I recently had someone tell me that finding comfortable office plus size clothing was nearly impossible. She figured she was just doomed to be uncomfortable in her work clothes. How awful! I’m all about finding professional outfits that are stylish, classy, and still comfortable enough to wear all day to work.

Every office has different dress codes, but there is always a way to find a comfortable outfit that is acceptable for you workplace. I find that button up blouses are my favorite thing to wear in the office. I can wear them open or closed, depending on the temperature and my outfit for the day. Plus they’re really easy to mix and match.

When I was told that it’s almost impossible to find professional outfits for plus size women, I guessed right away what that lady’s real problem is. She’s shopping in the wrong place. Local stores just don’t have the options that you can find from online retailers. So when you want mature plus size clothing for women that will look great at work, try looking at stores on the Internet. You’re sure to find some great outfits.

Plus Size Clothing Empowers Women

I love the idea of fashion as a tool for female empowerment. I think it definitely is, especially in the case of plus size women. We used to be held back by limited options, but now we can find just about any style we want. That lets us express ourselves freely and comfortably, something all women should be able to do.

Nowhere is this more important than in the professional world. Large women no longer have to wear just whatever they can find to work. Office plus size clothing in modern styles is available in local stores and from online retailers that really care about designing nice outfits for larger ladies. The old adage “dress for success” is a reality; having nice outfits gives plus size women a definite edge.

Regardless of whether you are looking for outfits for the office or just some casual plus size clothing to wear around the house, you have tons of great options. I love how easy it is to shop online right from my laptop. Ordering outfits online, having them delivered right to my door, and looking fantastic in plus size clothing… now that’s empowering!

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