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Shopping For Plus Size Clothing Isn’t Easy!

I don’t think many people without curves realize just how expensive it can be to buy clothing when you’re full-figured. For one thing, there are less stores that carry plus size clothing for women, so you have to travel more to shop at fewer places. Also—and this may seem like a no-brainer—but the clothes require more fabric, and that often means a higher price tag. Most of my friends like to go out shopping together and sometimes I join them. I wish more stores carried both plus size clothing and non-plus size, so that we could shop together when I do.

Fashion Week For Plus Size Women

With all the recent talk about how more humans are become overweight year after year, it might be a surprise to learn that plus size clothing has held a piece of the clothing market for almost 100 years. And still, it’s only 17 percent of the entire women’s clothing market. I was happy to hear that someone named Gwen DeVoe has founded “Full-Figured Fashion Week” in hopes of bringing our plight to light in the eyes of mass retailers. It seems like every time I watch a reality show these days, someone is at fashion week in New York. There are NO curves on those runways!

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