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Plus Size Clothing for Spring in Bright, Clean Colors

Bright, clean, inspiring spring colors will lighten up your wardrobe and give you a lovely style this season. If you are feeling stuck in a dark fashion rut of only black and navy, bring a breath of fresh air into your style with hues of clear blue and clean white. The result will be a refreshing look you are sure to love.

Clear Blue

Emulate the clear blue sky with a beautiful plus size top in clean blue shades. While you may be tempted to stick to darker blue hues – especially if you are not a particularly bold individual – you will look your best by keeping things bright. I recommend the Hanky Hem Jersey.

Bonus: Added Details

Neckline trim details are flattering for apple shapes and make even a simple plus size blouse stand out.

Tops that add color complements to basic blue add character and give you a bolder look.

Bonus: Turquoise

Invoke the tropical waters of an island beach with lovely turquoise tops. This bright color looks great paired with white or black pants and skirts and lets you stand out of the crowd in a fresh color that feels much more stylish than your typical dark tones.

A simple turquoise top with comfortable sleeves and a flattering cut is the perfect look for spring.

Combine this fresh color with stylish details. Open shoulder tops show off a little skin for a fashion forward look that will keep you cool and comfortable too.

Clean White

If you think that plus size clothing in white is unflattering, think again. A white blouse might seem like just a boring base layer for your outfit, but creating an ensemble that highlights the clean and bright aspects of this color is sure to look fantastic. Here are some easy ways to add white to your spring collection:

Choose a lightweight plus size top that looks and feels super comfortable. If you want to add a little style to your plain white blouse, go with a textured fabric for added detail.

Is Black your color? – when, where, why

You may have heard announcements at different times by the fashion industry in women’s plus size clothing that red or pink or blue is the new black however the old black is still very much with us. It’s simple and practical for casual clothing and is always elegant at a party.

Black has always been connected with glamour. It works at most occasions and goes with most skin tones and hair colors. There is a school of thought that says that black is “draining”, particularly as you get older. This common belief might explain why older women frequently wear pastels and if they wear black, they accessorize it with a casual colorful scarf at the neck. Maybe it’s because black doesn’t reflect light and lacks some illuminating property that other colors have.  It’s more about if you choose a dramatic look or a soft one, not whether you look drained or not.

Is black the boring option in plus size women’s clothing?  Designers don’t think so – black is the dominant color in most collections both in winter and summer.  There are twice as many black pieces than blue and five or six times more than brown or grey. Black has long been thought of as slimming, especially in big size fashion, but actually black makes clothing draw back and isolates the face, so it emphasizes individuality.

Has black become the lazy translation for “stylish”?  Is it evading the entire concern of expressing oneself through what one chooses to wear?  Dressing in colors can be time-consuming and complicated —there are too many variables particularly with accessories.

Of course, as with all matters of plus size clothing, a lot depends on the individual, but bright pink, orange or electric blue can be far more draining to a fair complexion than the lowly, poor old black.

Choosing Sleeve Styles for Your Plus Size Clothing

Plus size clothing options in local boutiques and department stores tend to be rather abysmal. But have you shopped online for women’s plus size clothing recently? If so, you have found the massive array of options now available. You can find dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, and accessories in just about any size thanks to modern designers and easy to use online stores.

With all those big size options, however, comes a perplexing question that some women may not have asked themselves before. What sleeve style is most flattering for you?

Women's Plus Size Clothing

Just like the cut of your blouse and its color or print will affect how you look, the style of sleeves it features will also influence your appearance. When choosing which sleeve styles you will add to your wardrobe, keep the following tips in mind.

Cap Sleeves

These very short sleeves just barely come over the shoulder at the upper arm. Vertical slanted cap sleeves tend to be more flattering with plus size clothing since they can elongate the arms and draw attention to the chest. If your figure is flattered by this fit, by all means, choose cap sleeves.


Going sleeveless with your women’s plus size clothing looks and feels fantastic. This is a great look for summer when you head out of the house on a warm day. They are also nice during the spring and fall when the daytime temperature can be warm but you want to add a sweater or cover up for cooler evenings.

Long Sleeves

Long sleeve styles tend to be a bit elegant and look great with dress attire. Long sleeve button-up blouses, jackets, and cover-ups all combine nicely with simple short sleeve tops and tank tops to create a stylish and dressy ensemble.

3/4 Sleeves

For most women, both casual plus size clothing and dressy outfits that feature ¾ sleeves are very stylish and flattering. They draw attention to your waist and chest without being too warm or too cool. This type of sleeve is a great addition to any wardrobe.

Plus Size Clothing in 3/4 Sleeve

Trends-Fashion-Fit: Dress Accordingly to your Body Type

Whoever grew up with the words “honey, don’t forget to pick out a trendy outfit for school today” or “Lisa, review your Vogue before class”.   Who starts a trend?  A trendy person?  There are lots of trends:  food, yoga, apps, wine and of course my favorite fashion.  Coco Channel truly had some of these best quotes pertaining to fashion, like:

That says it All for me.

  • Be you
  • Be your own trend

Especially when it comes to plus size clothing.  You can combine trends in small amounts but the most important is to know your body type first.  Take a look into the mirror.  What is reflected back you?  Is your body type any of these:

  • apple,
  • pear or
  • hourglass

Every women has a certain body type which is unique and beautiful.  Street clothing trends do not feature sizing for women over a size 14 and in fact definitely not over size 16.   That is the truth.  However they are catching up with women’s plus size clothing companies like Kiyonna. (Lane Bryant dances around trends and Macy’s sizing stops at a 2x.  I will not even discuss Express!)  Often when a skinny-trendy-fashion is introduced it does not translate so well into plus sized clothes.  The designers do not understand our proportions.  WE DO NOT GET WIDER! OUR SHOULDERS and NECKS DON’T INCREASE IN THICKNESS AND WIDTH!

I am not going to tell you what to wear for your body type; instead this is a lecture to discover clothing that fits and accentuates your best features.  If you are a pear you have a bit of a waist and curves about the hips.  If you are an apple celebrate your body shape, because you have curves!  Now here is the secret:  the best plus size clothing you can purchase and wear is the one that looks best on you.  Let the skinny’s spend their monies on fashion that is meant to go out of style.  Instead you will always be in fashion because you have set the trend.

Now go out there and show them!  Build a clothing collection that is YOU!

Casual Plus Size Clothing for Summer Travel

Summer is almost here, and many folks are already busy making their plans for this season’s vacation. While taking some time off is always enjoyable, planning and packing can be stressful. Here are some tips for preparing a suitcase full of casual plus size clothing for summer travel.

Lightweight: Summer style should be light, cool, and relaxed – especially when you are on vacation! So bring light cotton, linen, and jersey tops that won’t weigh you down. This will also help you with the second tip…

Pack Light: Traveling is much easier when you make an effort to pack light. This is easy if you bring a few plus size separates that can be mixed and matched to create several outfits. For example, bring a skirt to wear with some of your casual tops. Pack a dressy cover-up that matches one of your tops and now you’ve created a formal outfit – and you only had to pack one extra piece!

Pack Easy: Pack items that are easy to launder and don’t require ironing. That way you won’t be stuck searching for an iron in your hotel room. Casual plus size clothing that is easy to care for also tends to be lightweight, so you can check off the second tip, too.

Adding Spring Color to Your Office Plus Size Clothing

Spring is officially here, with its bright, beautiful colors and warm, breezy weather.  There’s so much to love about this delightful season!  And part of it is the lighter, cooler, more colorful fashion options.  Even when you are working indoors during the sunny spring days, you can still bring a splash of spring color to your office plus size clothing.

Colorful Tops. You might want to keep to more conservative colors at the office, depending on the dress code and general setting of the workplace.  But even in a very professional setting, you can use colorful, yet dress, blouses and jackets to update your outfits for spring.  Try plus size tunics in light greens, subtle pinks, and calm blues.  Depending on the season you certainly can add some edgy colors.  For example some tasteful shades of reds and pinks during the Valentines Day’s celebration.  When July 4th arrives spark up your clothing colleciton with some red, white and blue.  You can add a chain three strand necklace with r-w-b or a sash or scarf.  Even more simple is a handbag.  You can twist red, white and blue ribbons for liberty.

Spring Accessories. Colorful accessories help you add the feel of Spring to your outfit in an understated, but still gorgeous, way.  Beaded necklaces and bracelets in bright colors look fantastic.  Or use a bright belt to break up darker colors in your office plus size clothing.  Usually, muted or understated colors are the best.  Some choices for color accents might be turquoise, paisley, coral, honey bee yellow and pastel pink.  Of course adding any gold jewelry to these color combinations will look amazing.

Do you have any great ideas for adding Spring color to your office wardrobe?  Any interesting online stores that offer a wonderful selection of inexpensive jewelry?  We love to here from our readers so like us know!

Finding Unique Wholesale Clothing for Plus Size Women

There are many providers of wholesale clothing online, but it can be hard to choose a good source of wholesale clothing for plus size women.  Many designers and manufacturers are new to the world of plus size fashion, so they may still be figuring out how to size and style their garments for curvy women.  And you no doubt want to find trendy, yet unique pieces when searching for wholesale offers.  How can you go about choosing a wholesale provider?

The great thing about shopping for wholesale deals online is that you can do so from the comfort of your home and office.  And you can (and should) take your time.  So review several different wholesale providers to find out what special offers they are featuring now.  Make an effort to find honest reviews of wholesalers too so you can get an idea of the quality of their service and products.  Also ask lots of questions, for example:

1. What is your opening order requirements?

2.  What are the costs for shipping?

3.  Can I order directly from your Clearance rack?

4.  Do you offer additional discounts if I order in volume?

5.  Do you have net 30 plus credit card?

6.  If I order 2 or more months in advance can I make a deposit and pay on delivery?

7.  What is your return policy for wholesale orders?

8.  Can I exchange a garment that has not been selling for something more popular?

9.  Can I exchange sizes if I find that a particular size is doing better?

10.  Do you have someone on staff that is experience with the line and can direct to the best sellers?

Many online clothing stores featuring casual plus size clothing also have wholesale and drop shipping programs.  If you find a store with nice designs, ask them about wholesale clothing for plus size women.  Lots of wholesale deals are available at 50% retail prices or even more.

Casual Plus Size Clothing for Holiday Travel

Happy Holidays from Generous Fashions!

All around the world, thousands of people are getting ready for their holiday travel plans.  By train, plane, and car, relatives travel hundreds of miles to be together with their family during this special season.  The holidays are an exciting and memorable time for you to relax with your friends and relatives.  But before you can get to that relaxing time, you may run into a stressful task: packing for your trip.  What casual plus size clothing is best to bring along for holiday travel?

Keep It Simple

Over-packing is not a good thing; it will leave you stressed before, during, and after your trip.  Keeping your travel attire simple and stylish is ideal.  Plus size separates will help you do that.  Bring a few basic bottoms – your most comfortable pants and skirts – and mix and match them with some simple separates.  With just a few tops and bottoms, you can create several great outfits for your trip.   Pack some solid color pants (or 1-skirt).  Mostly likely you will have a pair of black pants, if not,  you should go ahead and purchase a pair.  Black pants as you know will go with everything and if you get a stain its easy to wash.  If you also have a navy pair of pants that is good too.  Try to say away from white color tops and pants while on vacation, unless you know you can get them cleaned.

Keep It Low-Maintenance

You don’t want to spend your whole holiday laundering and ironing finicky garments.  If you pack wrinkle resistant and wrinkle free items, you will be much more relaxed during your time with family.  Less time ironing means more time with the people you love, which is always a good thing.

Don’t let your clothing become an obstacle to a great holiday trip.  Pack simple, low-maintenance casual plus size clothing.  You’re sure to have a lovely holiday!

Wrinkle Free Casual Plus Size Clothing

Wrinkling is a pain, especially if you are traveling or in a rush.  In the early to mid 90’s, wrinkle free fabrics became popular, and now you can find a lot of wrinkle free casual plus size clothing.  How do designers manage to save their garments from the curse of wrinkles?  And why should you add some wrinkle free styles to your wardrobe?

Some manufacturers use finishing agents on their clothing to prevent wrinkles.  Others use fabric blends, combining cotton with synthetic materials to keep clothes looking great and wrinkle free.

Here are a list of some good choices:  it is best to find a blend that has 10% or more spandex or lycra.  These threads help at reducing wrinkles and maintain the integrity of the fabric.

1. 10% lycra and 90% cotton jersey

2. 15% spandex and 85% rayon jersey

3. 10% lycra and 90% silk

4.  10% spandex, 40% viscose and 45% cotton

5. 100% cotton paris

6. fabrics with tightly woven threads  tend to hold better because the sewing needle does not break the fabric

Here is a list of some fabrics that are a bit less wrinkle free.  These fabrics are still wonderful but you might have to let them hang dry or iron or take to the cleaners for pressing.  Do not shy away from them because of their maintain.  These fabrics do not cling and flow over the body nicely.

1. 100% viscose

2. 100% rayon

3. 100% cotton

4. 100% cotton slub

5. Second quality rayon you should never purchase

6. rayon jersey without a blend will not hold up in the washing machine.  Stay away from this fabric.

Of course, there is so substitution for ironing.  Even a wrinkle free garment may have minor wrinkles after a wash.  But, when you are traveling and don’t have time to iron, these are by far your best option.

So, before you head out on vacation, do some shopping for wrinkle-free casual plus size clothing.  It will save you time and stress while you’re traveling and keep you looking great.

Casual Plus Size Clothing Online or In Store?

Many women find this to be quite the dilemma. Should I shop online or in store? More and more ladies seem to agree that Internet stores are better. Why?

More options – Even big department stores can’t compete with the number of options you see online. So specialty stores in the mall don’t have a chance.
Better prices – Casual plus size clothing is almost always less expensive online, even when you factor in shipping costs.
Relaxed environment – Online there are no rude salespeople, there are no embarrassing dressing rooms, and there are no crowds to deal with.

But, these advantages don’t mean you should never set foot in the mall again. There are some good reasons for you to go window shopping at your favorite local stores.

Get ideas – Clothing stores put a lot of effort into decorating their mannequins in their latest and greatest. You can get some great outfit ideas from them.
Spend time with friends – Shopping is a social event, and it’s a great chance to spend time with friends. You can window shop with the girls and then do your serious purchases online.
One of a kind sales – Prices are better online, but you never know when you’ll find a going out of business sale or an amazing clearance deal on casual plus size clothing in a local store.

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