Black Friday.  Hmmmmm.  The day after Thanksgiving.  The time when most of us have eaten more than we expected.  So do we dare venture online to catch a sale, discount or coupon?  I am not sure about you but I think I expanded 3 sizes overnight!  So to do or not to do?  That is the question.

If you are like me, you love a sale no matter what size you feel at that moment.  Because my nephews, nieces and cousins are hanging around the house,  I am going to use nap time to not browse the internet but to go directly to  There is so much product there and the prices are super discounted.  Why not?  They have most of my brands.  The shipping is not bad and in fact in some cases the delivery is free.

So I am writing this after nap time which is 2 hours before dinner.  I did good!  Not so much damage.  I started out in the women’s plus size clothing category.  My mom and younger sister are a plus 2x.  My mom wanted a cardigan.  She said to buy any color as long as it fit around her hips.  Lucky for her I found a plum purple with flare hip line – meaning it is cut wider at the hip.  Then with Black Friday’s Sale I got a 35% off the listed price.  The final cost came to $29.99 from 69.99.  I got the style, color, quality and price that I was looking for.  I have to say it did take me a bit of time to find it, but then that is the fun of shopping online.

While I was searching for my mom I found some yoga headbands for my sister.  She has been slowly returning to the gym and has been working out with a private yoga instructor.  I found the perfect one that is 4″ wide comes in a 3 pack of forest green to lime.

Just minutes ago I heard the family talking and laughing so this is my exit to go enjoy everyone’s company since I won’t see them till next year.  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!