What is it all about?  Fashion, I mean.  There are so many apparel online stores.

  • Lane Bryant
  • Woman Within
  • Roamans
  • Big on Batik
  • MIB
  • Simply Me
  • Generous Fashions
  • Comfort In Fashion

Who’s got it right?  What are all those size charts all about.  Ok, let me see if I can make an attempt here at women’s plus size clothing stuff.

First larger women come in many plus sizes:

  1. Apple
  2. Pear
  3. 8
  4. hourglass
  5. rectangle
  6. and just the right size

It it really possible to create women’s apparel patterns for all these shapes?  I think not.  A women who is a plus size hourglass with a waist is not going to choose a top, blouse and shirt made for an apple shape.  Women’s plus size online stores have to make a choice.  They need to decide which shape is their best selling fit or hold onto some stock.

At Comfort In Fashion they cut for apples and pears when it comes to tops.  Interesting their patterns for tunic jackets are amazingly versatile.  How did they do that?  When you review their clothing design you see that they created a hankie sweep line at the bottom.  So what?  Well, it means that it fits over the hips of the apple, pear, 8 and hourglass without hugging.  Therefore the design stays at the hip and not the front.  The front is a bit shorter.  Clever.

When you are selecting clothes for your wardrobe make sure you measure your hips.  Next read the online store’s size chart to see if your hips fit into their range.  Afterwards, find out their sizing for chest measurements.  It’s got to be the same for hourglass and apple shapes.  If not, move onto the next online clothing store.  Do not waste your time thinking your will find a cut that fits when the store you have high hops for is NOT cutting for your shape.

For me when I am really in love with a particular top, shirt, blouse or tunic I will call customer service for fit.  Why not?  Get the details!