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Shoe is a Shoe is an Accessory: Match Your Tops

You just got invited to meet friends at TGIF for Happy Hour.  You go through your clothing collection and find the right top.  You pick your basic pant or skirt to match and bingo you are ready to go!  NOPE.  You forgot to look down.  Yes, you feet are also part of your wardrobe.  Please do not forget them.

Being a plus size 3x woman I always choose my tops, shirts and blouses first before I buy shoes.  I do this because its hard to fit the right fit for my size.  When I do find it and make the purchase then next step is to wash it.  If it still fits after washing then its part of my top drawer!  But I am not finished there.  Just finding the right shirt needs to have the right shoe.  If you are a shoe lover like me this can be really fun.  There is so much on the internet that one can really get lost.  I often find Pinterest a great way to start my hunt for coordinating shoes.

On a recent web browsing I discovered the shoe category at  They have a nice selection from vintage to bridal.  In fact you can have a custom handmade shoe in the color of your choice.  For those you spend less than 30 minutes a week online I am listing a shoe artisan that you may find as a shoe resource.  Ginger the owner of 2dye4designs will work with you.  Simple.  Just message her and tell Ginger which colors you want to match with your new top, shirt, blouse or dress.  Her shoes are cotton.  They are made with love and sunshine!  The price for custom flat shoes is affordable, too.  My tip here is to try to match as many clothes as possible for one unique hand painted design.  If you can do this you will save a bundle and have less of a hassle when making a shoe selection.

Remember finding shoes should be fun.  Take your time and enjoy the discovery.

Comfortable Plus Size Tops For Fall

The summer went flying by and now here we are in autumn once again. The cold and breezy days mean it’s time to wear some warmer outfits. But a chilly morning can change into a warm and sunny day so easily. That’s why I’m all about comfortable and versatile fashions for this fall. I like plus size tops that are easy to mix and match depending on the weather.

One of my favorite new tops for this fall is 3/4 sleeve button up front blouse. It has a warm brown color with a stylish black print. I love the 3/4 sleeve; it’s just warm enough for most autumn days. And if it’s a little chillier than usual, I can layer it over a tank top too. The print makes this blouse look fantastic with ebony jewelry, which just happens to be my favorite.

I believe that whether you’re running errands, going out to a special event, or working at the office plus size clothing should be comfortable and stylish. Thankfully, some designers agree and have really outdone themselves, creating fantastic mature plus size clothing for women that is both comfortable and versatile for this fall. By layering your outfits and using some stylish accessories and jewelry, you can create fantastic fall outfits that are sure to get you noticed no matter where you go.

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