Many women find this to be quite the dilemma. Should I shop online or in store? More and more ladies seem to agree that Internet stores are better. Why?

More options – Even big department stores can’t compete with the number of options you see online. So specialty stores in the mall don’t have a chance.
Better prices – Casual plus size clothing is almost always less expensive online, even when you factor in shipping costs.
Relaxed environment – Online there are no rude salespeople, there are no embarrassing dressing rooms, and there are no crowds to deal with.

But, these advantages don’t mean you should never set foot in the mall again. There are some good reasons for you to go window shopping at your favorite local stores.

Get ideas – Clothing stores put a lot of effort into decorating their mannequins in their latest and greatest. You can get some great outfit ideas from them.
Spend time with friends – Shopping is a social event, and it’s a great chance to spend time with friends. You can window shop with the girls and then do your serious purchases online.
One of a kind sales – Prices are better online, but you never know when you’ll find a going out of business sale or an amazing clearance deal on casual plus size clothing in a local store.