There are lots of exciting occasions that call for a formal outfit. Weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and other events are all about an elegant feel. If you’ve been invited to such an event, surely you want to make sure that your outfit fits the style of the celebration. It can be hard for larger women to find clothing that fits them well and is formal enough for these kinds of events. But if you select some elegant separates, you can put together the perfect formal outfit.

It is best to opt for darker colors when attending a formal event, such as black or navy. A simple black pant or dress is the ideal starting point for an elegant outfit. If you go with a dress, adding a formal jacket or cover up looks high class. Choose strong colors like reds and blues to give the dressy feel you’re going for.

If you opt for a dark pant, you can wear a matching tank top as your basic layer. Then add a formal separate. One of my personal favorites is an open jacket I got online; it is red with black trim and looks stunning at formal occasions. Don’t let anyone tell you that middle age plus size clothing for women can’t be formal and elegant! A smart outfit combined with dressy jewelry will be sure to turn heads your direction next time you attend a formal event.