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Fashion Week For Plus Size Women

With all the recent talk about how more humans are become overweight year after year, it might be a surprise to learn that plus size clothing has held a piece of the clothing market for almost 100 years. And still, it’s only 17 percent of the entire women’s clothing market. I was happy to hear that someone named Gwen DeVoe has founded “Full-Figured Fashion Week” in hopes of bringing our plight to light in the eyes of mass retailers. It seems like every time I watch a reality show these days, someone is at fashion week in New York. There are NO curves on those runways!

Plus Size Resort Wear

Here are some tips on what to buy/pack to keep you looking your best when it is hot and humid.

Rule 1: Shop online for natural fabrics. Select cooler clothing made from cotton, cotton-linen, cotton-rayon and silk. Clothes made from these fibers “breathe” better in humidity and tend to keep you cool. One of the great features about silk is it is tough and will dry quickly.

Rule 2: Buy clothing with longer, looser sleeves. Why? In addition to decreasing your body temperature, your skin is not exposed to the sun’s damaging rays. You do not want to increase your chances of skin cancer and invite age spots. In fact, clothing with longer sleeves may come in handy if you are traveling through cultures that require women’s arms to be covered.

Rule 3: If you are not going to spend the “heat of the day” in the air conditioning, then you should consider air circulation around your body. Many designers of plus size clothing offer online sun dresses from above the knee to the ankle. Packing plus size skirts have the same cooling results. Shop for caftans and tunics – these are excellent clothing choices for hot weather. You really don’t want to be wearing body tight pants, t-shirts, or women’s shorts!

Rule 4: Pack clothes that are versatile. You will spend more time on vacation and less hassle lugging heavy luggage stuffed with women’s clothes. You want to select clothes that you can mix and match so you can go from the “beach to the bar”. Now off you go! Hey don’t forget a wide brim hat!

Check out these online stores for Resort Wear. They offer plus sizes 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5X. Have a look at their Plus Size Cover Ups and Under Cover categories.

* – Women’s plus size clothing store for 1X to 5X. They offer beach covers, separates, and caftans for resort wear and summer.

* - They offer classic, comfy resort wear online for plus sizes 18 – 40. They offer sheer and opaque covers and clothing for layering effects.

Special Occasion Plus Size Clothing

The days when plus size women were relgated to clothing choices involving onlyt dark colored shirts, mumus, and baggy sweats is done. The most common clothing size is now 14, and plus size 18 are up are increasing their share of the plus market. Plus size clothing designers are taking note. More and more, plus size women are successful, employed, active, and confident. You deserve stylish, well made plus clothing for work and play. You have money to spend and it is your right to have plus size clothing that matches your lifestyle. Finally the clothing industry is responding by making more choices available for this growing market.

For Business Wear, most plus size online stores now have a wide range of suit styles for plus size women in flattering styles. Only buy the best quality possible. A perfect cut suit will enhance your figure and a classic style will give you endless compliments. Mixing and matching a suit with trendy, bright shirts, different color hose and accessories can give you many fresh styles. Shop jackets that fall below the hip, or long kimono style covers for flair and shape. You may want to take a look at “Special Occasion” category. They have some very tasteful selections.

For Dressy Occasions, it is better to choose a slightly higher waisted dress with a waist that sits below the bust because it will project the slimmest portion of your figure and help create the perfect hourglass body shape. We found “On or Off Shoulder” from is a perfect example of how you can achieve this look.

Search online stores for plus size dresses with a bit of cleavage. Believe it or not, the more skin you show, the thinner you look, plus everyone will be too busy looking at your fabulous cleavage to notice any “figure” issues. We found a dress called “Class Act” does the trick. You can find this plus size dress at

One of the best shops for fashion forward plus size evening covers is the site The site offers tasteful evening wear for those who want to be a bit more covered for under the $90 mark.

You can also try the more traditional department stores. Macy’s sometimes has a fairly good selection of trendy plus size evening wear in select stores (check online), but be careful of Lane Bryant (which tends to be way too casual) and Torrid (which tends to be more prom-like).

Our Fave Plus Size Online Stores: What to Wear Now!

Plus Size Tops

There are 4 basic Plus Size body types. Knowing your body shape will help you look and feel your best and will cause less headaches returning.  So, let’s talk!  We have the Pear, Apple, Hourglass and Rectangular. 

Women’s Plus Size Clothing Top Silhouettes for Pear Shapes: Pears carry their weight on the bottom than the top.

Here are some examples of eye-catching silhouettes for pear shapes.  Many of these women’s plus size clothing tops feature a “the basic big shirt” buttoned up.  Plus size Blouses tend to be more flattering for a pear to wear it unbuttoned with a tank top or t-shirt and belt.

Women’s Plus Size Clothing Top Silhouettes for Apple Shapes: Apples carry their weight around the middle.  Usually they have great legs and shoulders!

The solution to clothing a women’s Apple type is to create the illusion of a balanced body, while bringing attention to the legs, hips, shoulders and/or arms.

Women’s Plus Size Clothing Top Silhouettes for Hourglass Shapes: These fortunate plus size womenhave a curvy and balanced shape. They have all the curves in the right places! The top and bottom are the same size.

Rectangular Body Shapes This body type is straight up and down, without noticeable curves.

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