Plus Size Clothing for Spring in Bright, Clean Colors

Bright, clean, inspiring spring colors will lighten up your wardrobe and give you a lovely style this season. If you are feeling stuck in a dark fashion rut of only black and navy, bring a breath of fresh air into your style with hues of clear blue and clean white. The result will be a refreshing look you are sure to love.

Clear Blue

Emulate the clear blue sky with a beautiful plus size top in clean blue shades. While you may be tempted to stick to darker blue hues – especially if you are not a particularly bold individual – you will look your best by keeping things bright. I recommend the Hanky Hem Jersey.

Bonus: Added Details

Neckline trim details are flattering for apple shapes and make even a simple plus size blouse stand out.

Tops that add color complements to basic blue add character and give you a bolder look.

Bonus: Turquoise

Invoke the tropical waters of an island beach with lovely turquoise tops. This bright color looks great paired with white or black pants and skirts and lets you stand out of the crowd in a fresh color that feels much more stylish than your typical dark tones.

A simple turquoise top with comfortable sleeves and a flattering cut is the perfect look for spring.

Combine this fresh color with stylish details. Open shoulder tops show off a little skin for a fashion forward look that will keep you cool and comfortable too.

Clean White

If you think that plus size clothing in white is unflattering, think again. A white blouse might seem like just a boring base layer for your outfit, but creating an ensemble that highlights the clean and bright aspects of this color is sure to look fantastic. Here are some easy ways to add white to your spring collection:

Choose a lightweight plus size top that looks and feels super comfortable. If you want to add a little style to your plain white blouse, go with a textured fabric for added detail.

Sizing it up after Thanksgiving

Black Friday.  Hmmmmm.  The day after Thanksgiving.  The time when most of us have eaten more than we expected.  So do we dare venture online to catch a sale, discount or coupon?  I am not sure about you but I think I expanded 3 sizes overnight!  So to do or not to do?  That is the question.

If you are like me, you love a sale no matter what size you feel at that moment.  Because my nephews, nieces and cousins are hanging around the house,  I am going to use nap time to not browse the internet but to go directly to  There is so much product there and the prices are super discounted.  Why not?  They have most of my brands.  The shipping is not bad and in fact in some cases the delivery is free.

So I am writing this after nap time which is 2 hours before dinner.  I did good!  Not so much damage.  I started out in the women’s plus size clothing category.  My mom and younger sister are a plus 2x.  My mom wanted a cardigan.  She said to buy any color as long as it fit around her hips.  Lucky for her I found a plum purple with flare hip line – meaning it is cut wider at the hip.  Then with Black Friday’s Sale I got a 35% off the listed price.  The final cost came to $29.99 from 69.99.  I got the style, color, quality and price that I was looking for.  I have to say it did take me a bit of time to find it, but then that is the fun of shopping online.

While I was searching for my mom I found some yoga headbands for my sister.  She has been slowly returning to the gym and has been working out with a private yoga instructor.  I found the perfect one that is 4″ wide comes in a 3 pack of forest green to lime.

Just minutes ago I heard the family talking and laughing so this is my exit to go enjoy everyone’s company since I won’t see them till next year.  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Who the Heck are You Cutting for?

What is it all about?  Fashion, I mean.  There are so many apparel online stores.

  • Lane Bryant
  • Woman Within
  • Roamans
  • Big on Batik
  • MIB
  • Simply Me
  • Generous Fashions
  • Comfort In Fashion

Who’s got it right?  What are all those size charts all about.  Ok, let me see if I can make an attempt here at women’s plus size clothing stuff.

First larger women come in many plus sizes:

  1. Apple
  2. Pear
  3. 8
  4. hourglass
  5. rectangle
  6. and just the right size

It it really possible to create women’s apparel patterns for all these shapes?  I think not.  A women who is a plus size hourglass with a waist is not going to choose a top, blouse and shirt made for an apple shape.  Women’s plus size online stores have to make a choice.  They need to decide which shape is their best selling fit or hold onto some stock.

At Comfort In Fashion they cut for apples and pears when it comes to tops.  Interesting their patterns for tunic jackets are amazingly versatile.  How did they do that?  When you review their clothing design you see that they created a hankie sweep line at the bottom.  So what?  Well, it means that it fits over the hips of the apple, pear, 8 and hourglass without hugging.  Therefore the design stays at the hip and not the front.  The front is a bit shorter.  Clever.

When you are selecting clothes for your wardrobe make sure you measure your hips.  Next read the online store’s size chart to see if your hips fit into their range.  Afterwards, find out their sizing for chest measurements.  It’s got to be the same for hourglass and apple shapes.  If not, move onto the next online clothing store.  Do not waste your time thinking your will find a cut that fits when the store you have high hops for is NOT cutting for your shape.

For me when I am really in love with a particular top, shirt, blouse or tunic I will call customer service for fit.  Why not?  Get the details!

Shoe is a Shoe is an Accessory: Match Your Tops

You just got invited to meet friends at TGIF for Happy Hour.  You go through your clothing collection and find the right top.  You pick your basic pant or skirt to match and bingo you are ready to go!  NOPE.  You forgot to look down.  Yes, you feet are also part of your wardrobe.  Please do not forget them.

Being a plus size 3x woman I always choose my tops, shirts and blouses first before I buy shoes.  I do this because its hard to fit the right fit for my size.  When I do find it and make the purchase then next step is to wash it.  If it still fits after washing then its part of my top drawer!  But I am not finished there.  Just finding the right shirt needs to have the right shoe.  If you are a shoe lover like me this can be really fun.  There is so much on the internet that one can really get lost.  I often find Pinterest a great way to start my hunt for coordinating shoes.

On a recent web browsing I discovered the shoe category at  They have a nice selection from vintage to bridal.  In fact you can have a custom handmade shoe in the color of your choice.  For those you spend less than 30 minutes a week online I am listing a shoe artisan that you may find as a shoe resource.  Ginger the owner of 2dye4designs will work with you.  Simple.  Just message her and tell Ginger which colors you want to match with your new top, shirt, blouse or dress.  Her shoes are cotton.  They are made with love and sunshine!  The price for custom flat shoes is affordable, too.  My tip here is to try to match as many clothes as possible for one unique hand painted design.  If you can do this you will save a bundle and have less of a hassle when making a shoe selection.

Remember finding shoes should be fun.  Take your time and enjoy the discovery.

Comfortable Plus Size Tops For Fall

The summer went flying by and now here we are in autumn once again. The cold and breezy days mean it’s time to wear some warmer outfits. But a chilly morning can change into a warm and sunny day so easily. That’s why I’m all about comfortable and versatile fashions for this fall. I like plus size tops that are easy to mix and match depending on the weather.

One of my favorite new tops for this fall is 3/4 sleeve button up front blouse. It has a warm brown color with a stylish black print. I love the 3/4 sleeve; it’s just warm enough for most autumn days. And if it’s a little chillier than usual, I can layer it over a tank top too. The print makes this blouse look fantastic with ebony jewelry, which just happens to be my favorite.

I believe that whether you’re running errands, going out to a special event, or working at the office plus size clothing should be comfortable and stylish. Thankfully, some designers agree and have really outdone themselves, creating fantastic mature plus size clothing for women that is both comfortable and versatile for this fall. By layering your outfits and using some stylish accessories and jewelry, you can create fantastic fall outfits that are sure to get you noticed no matter where you go.

New Arrivals: Women’s Plus Size Tops

Just In, New Arrivals, What’s New and Hey, look at me I am here!  I love shopping or at least browsing the internet for women’s clothes, accessories, shoes and handbags.  I usually start at products that are New or have “Just Arrived”.  I especially do this when I am a frequent browser on a specific clothing store for big sizes.  This is a great way to discover new trends (not to say I follow trends but its always an eye-opener for me what other women are purchasing).  It is also a location to discover fabrics and basic styles.  Most clothing designers tend to use their classic pattern and adjust it.  The alteration can be at the neckline, sleeve or the body of the blouse.  I love to see their current ideas and of course will I like it (and will it fit!)

New Arrivals will be priced at full cost.  Usually, new clothes will be limited in sizes and their quantities.  Sometimes I buy a full retail price, especially if I really LOVE it and got to have it.  But like most women, I love a sale and discount.  I have found if I sign up for the online store’s Newsletter you can get a coupon at sign-up.  Sometimes their coupon is sent to you right away or it will come in their weekly or monthly eNews.  Here is a sign-up eNews site that you will get a coupon code about 48 hours after you sign up.  In fact,  they tend to send discounts up to 15% off any garments, which includes New Arrivals.

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For Email Newsletters you can trust

When you go to Fashion Fulfillment’s Newsletter you have to choose. You have the choice of either Generous Fashions for Comfort in Fashion.  I find that Generous Fashions have more sales throughout the month, so I have signed up with them.  However, I have bookmarked Comfort in Fashion so I can go to the site whenever I have time.

Are there any women’s online clothing stores for big sizes that have New Items that you like?  Let me know.  I love to file a great find!

Women’s Plus Size Clothing: Sale, Discounts, Coupons

I love a sale!  At the moment, is offering a “Welcome” coupon.  It is pretty simple.  Just go to the website, browse their women’s plus size clothing, add to your cart and when checking out enter the code:  goodgoing

Your total purchase will be subtracted by 15%.  This is great!  You save on shipping and more.  Even better if you order $150 or more Comfort in Fashion offers free shipping within the USA.  And!  You can get the 15% off your first order.  That is a good deal.

Not too many plus size clothing stores for larger women always offer a newcomers discounts.  I think it is a pretty good idea to get the questionable buyer to purchase.  Often I can be on a fence about a website, especially when it comes to clothing and electronics.  I prefer to have sales and discounts on my first order rather than a coupon for my next purchase.  (Geez, how do I know when my next purchase is going to happen?  I tend to live from paycheck to paycheck!  And like most people, I believe, I already know what I will do with those monies!)

Besides Comfort in Fashions “Welcome Coupon” they have other sales.  If you go to their website there is a category Clearance.  Their Clearance is a very serious deep women’s clothing discounts.  Most of the tops, blouses and shirts are $24.95, as well as their separates, tunics and cotton jackets.  The price is great.  Of course their sizes and quantities are limited they usually have something in my size.  (I am a 3x with a bit of chest and need more room at the hip.)  This is also a great way to try their clothing.  Remember, this is a clearance category and garments are non-returnable.  In addition, they cannot be exchange.  But, heck for $24.95 its worth it.

I love to hear about other sales, discounts and coupons for big sizes.  Let me know what you have found!  Happy Shopping.

All in details

It is Saturday and I am dreading a BBQ on Sunday because my very judgmental and vocal mother-in-law is going to be there.

Ever since I joined the family, she has always thought it was OK to comment on every piece of my plus size wardrobe.  I wouldn’t mind so much, except her taste is very flamboyant – she is into big floral prints and bold colors and I am much more conservative.  I always prefer classic and simple plus size clothing.

While I like to dress well, I know that “less is more” and it is all in the details for women’s plus size clothing.

That’s why I love to shop at or   I love their stylish pieces that are so well made and the prices are so reasonable.

For every day casual or dressy pieces and everything in between, they are my “go to” source for plus size clothing.  Their items really fit my shape.

It is going to be challenging and the temperature is forecast to be 90 degrees, so it has to be just right. A quick check of my wardrobe and I know the perfect piece for a BBQ with my mother-in-law – a V-neck with butterfly sleeves accented with crinkle print sleeves and bottom band and stitched neckline.  It is classic and simple in stunning lilac, but has just enough pizzazz in the printed trim to make it perfect for a fun summer afternoon BBQ and it is machine washable 100% viscose.

I don’t know what my mother-in-law is going to have to talk about now!  This top has all the details that she loves while fitting into my style taste as well. Ha!  I can’t wait now.  She is going to be so surprised that she may be speechless for a change!  I’m looking forward to a great day.

Is Black your color? – when, where, why

You may have heard announcements at different times by the fashion industry in women’s plus size clothing that red or pink or blue is the new black however the old black is still very much with us. It’s simple and practical for casual clothing and is always elegant at a party.

Black has always been connected with glamour. It works at most occasions and goes with most skin tones and hair colors. There is a school of thought that says that black is “draining”, particularly as you get older. This common belief might explain why older women frequently wear pastels and if they wear black, they accessorize it with a casual colorful scarf at the neck. Maybe it’s because black doesn’t reflect light and lacks some illuminating property that other colors have.  It’s more about if you choose a dramatic look or a soft one, not whether you look drained or not.

Is black the boring option in plus size women’s clothing?  Designers don’t think so – black is the dominant color in most collections both in winter and summer.  There are twice as many black pieces than blue and five or six times more than brown or grey. Black has long been thought of as slimming, especially in big size fashion, but actually black makes clothing draw back and isolates the face, so it emphasizes individuality.

Has black become the lazy translation for “stylish”?  Is it evading the entire concern of expressing oneself through what one chooses to wear?  Dressing in colors can be time-consuming and complicated —there are too many variables particularly with accessories.

Of course, as with all matters of plus size clothing, a lot depends on the individual, but bright pink, orange or electric blue can be far more draining to a fair complexion than the lowly, poor old black.

Choosing Sleeve Styles for Your Plus Size Clothing

Plus size clothing options in local boutiques and department stores tend to be rather abysmal. But have you shopped online for women’s plus size clothing recently? If so, you have found the massive array of options now available. You can find dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, and accessories in just about any size thanks to modern designers and easy to use online stores.

With all those big size options, however, comes a perplexing question that some women may not have asked themselves before. What sleeve style is most flattering for you?

Women's Plus Size Clothing

Just like the cut of your blouse and its color or print will affect how you look, the style of sleeves it features will also influence your appearance. When choosing which sleeve styles you will add to your wardrobe, keep the following tips in mind.

Cap Sleeves

These very short sleeves just barely come over the shoulder at the upper arm. Vertical slanted cap sleeves tend to be more flattering with plus size clothing since they can elongate the arms and draw attention to the chest. If your figure is flattered by this fit, by all means, choose cap sleeves.


Going sleeveless with your women’s plus size clothing looks and feels fantastic. This is a great look for summer when you head out of the house on a warm day. They are also nice during the spring and fall when the daytime temperature can be warm but you want to add a sweater or cover up for cooler evenings.

Long Sleeves

Long sleeve styles tend to be a bit elegant and look great with dress attire. Long sleeve button-up blouses, jackets, and cover-ups all combine nicely with simple short sleeve tops and tank tops to create a stylish and dressy ensemble.

3/4 Sleeves

For most women, both casual plus size clothing and dressy outfits that feature ¾ sleeves are very stylish and flattering. They draw attention to your waist and chest without being too warm or too cool. This type of sleeve is a great addition to any wardrobe.

Plus Size Clothing in 3/4 Sleeve

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